Magic herb balm

Magic herb balm

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A soothing healing balm.

Wonderful for
-Localized pain
-Nappy rash 
-Muscle and joint pain
-Muscle tension
-Skin irritations
-Skin infections
-Dry or chapped skin
-Keeps skin youthful

Made by the bees and the sun.

Beeswax. Olive oil. Comfrey. Mugwort. Cannabis. Herb robert. Eucalyptus.

Contains active THC

A brief history of comfrey

The comfrey plant has been used for medicinal purposes for over 2000 years. The earliest recorded use of comfrey as a traditional, herbal remedy can be traced back to the ancient Greeks in 400BC.

Comfrey was traditionally used to help mend broken bones. In fact, the name comfrey comes from the Latin word Confervere which means ‘to join together, to mend or to heal’.

The regenerative compounds found in comfrey, such as allantoin, tannis and rosmarinic acid, help to speed up the natural replacement of cells and encourage new tissue growth.

Ensuring the skin is kept hydrated is of utmost importance when fighting the signs of aging, as hydration helps to plump the skin and leaves a dewy glow.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil’s active chemical components contribute to its reputation as a purifying, cleansing, clarifying, and immune-boosting oil that is ideal for use on skin and in aromatherapy.

MUGWORT. Thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, mugwort targets dry, irritated skin effectively. It can also "relieve redness on skin," she adds. The herb also has smoothing, protective powers fit for mature skin, too.

Herb Robert was a popular folklore medicine. It is said to help protect the body against free radicals. Traditionally used for Inflammation and skin wounds.

Topical cannabis infusions act on a peripheral basis, which means they do not enter the bloodstream. This translates to zero psychoactivity. So you can apply them liberally without the potential side effects of too much THC.

Apply balm liberally and gently massage over the affected area until completely absorbed.Repeat 3 or more times daily as needed. Store in a cool to room temperature setting and keep away from direct sunlight.

Use intuitively 🌱

Comes in a 50gram amber glass jar with an aluminium lid. This is a 100% plastic free product. My cute sticker is compostable, made with paper, printed with plant based inks and glues.